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Automatic Channel Switching (ACS)

A system comes standard with a primary working frequency and a secondary working frequency. Automatic Channel Switching (ACS) allows continuous operation free from interference for the user. When radio interference occurs during normal operation, the radio communication automatically switch to the the secondary frequency.-Bi-directional-Safe communication-uninterrupted radio link benefits smooth operation

Range limiting

The Range Limiting function allows for reduction of the maximum distance within which the transmitting unit must remain to start up the system and to optionally limit the radio remote control working range. This function is widely used in automobile factories where have many stations in one area.

Data Feedback

The “Data Feedback” function enables the visualization of status through 4 LEDs. These 4 LEDs are programmable to see the actual STATUS of each relay in receiver.

Zero-G Safety

Available in New 2016 K plus seriesThe zero-g safety function can prevent the uncontrolled output of commands in specific emergencies. The G sensor can detect if the transmitter receives a hard impact, dropped or thrown. These features can deactivate either the complete radio system or only the safety-relevant function relays.

Wireless Pairing

Wireless pairing procedure by using the keypad pushbuttons.

Wireless pairing procedure by using the keypad pushbuttons.Transmitter to Transmitter, Transmitter to Receiver, Receiver to Transmitter.

how do you do?

Multi-control System

Use up to 256 transmitters with 1 receiver

Black Box

Track your crane or machine usageAvailable in New 2016 K plus series

With JUUKO Black Box function, you can always collect the usage data of both transmitter and receiver. This function is good for the hoist service and maintenance work, and also for those companies who provide lease or rent out service.It is more than simple to see the usage data of both Transmitter and Receiver just by connecting the transmitter to the JUUKO’s “Control pro” configuration software.  

QI Wireless Charging Compatible

Charged and ready to go

The leading wireless charging standard, Qi has been embraced by hundreds of leading manufacturers.

Farewell, power cords

Frustrated with messy, often incompatible cables? Qi charging technology cuts the cord for your devices – finally, they are truly wireless.

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