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The X-Series receiver is small and lightweight. It can be installed easily and does not require too much space. The receiver can be operated directly without the transmitter using the buttons on the receiver. It can also be operated simultaneously by two people.

The K-Series remote controls are easy to use and provide comfort due to their ergonomic design. The transmitter is constructed with ultra-high impact resistant corner bumpers for added protection and a rubber protective cover underneath the EMO button which is dust-resistant. The back of the remote control features a matt black rubber finish which is durable and offers a secure and comfortable grip.


Weight:  approx. 295g

Size:   122×86×34mm

Antenna:          Internal

SMA External

SMA 2M / 5M cable magnetic 

Frequency band: 915 MHz 

Number of functions: up to 3 on/off + EMO

Power supply: 90~460V AC / DC

Stop/Safety contact rating: 6A

Command contact rating: 5A (250V AC)

Command response time: ~ 25 ms

Safety category for the Stop protection (EN ISO 13849-1)

PL d (optional)*

Operating and storage temperature: (-20°C)~(+55°C) / (-40°C)~(+65°C)

Protection degree: IP65

Housing material:PA6 (GF30%)


So Mini, so Lightweight

Due to its small size, you can install it easily and need not too much space.

Considerate Buttons

You can operate the receiver directly without the transmitter ── just push the buttons on the receiver. Moreover, it can be operated simultaneously by two people.

Pretend to be Wireless: It can be connected with the wire through the hole at the back of the device.

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