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  • Independent LEDs, indicate the status of the battery

  • Activation of the transmitter is protected by an electronic key-code and an auto shut-off option which is programmable

  • The system automatically change to another frequency in the presence of radio interference

  • Eco power management system. Save on batteries

  • It can receive and display via 12 LEDs signals coming from the receiver (relay action feedback)

  • Mushrooms type EMO button

  • Internal BootLoader, up firmware to the date by using computer

  • Wireless pairing procedure using the keyboard pushbuttons

  • QI wireless charging pad is optional in New 2016 K plus series

Technical data

  • Layout

    2*Joystick, 6*Paddle&  Switches


    Weight approx. (include battery)1036g
  • Size 200×141.3×139mm
  • Frequency band  915 MHz 
  • Channel space 12.5 kHz
  • Number of available on/off command max. 24 + Start and EMO
  • Hamming distance ≥ 15
  • Radio communication bi-directional
  • Frequency
  • handlingAutomatic and dynamic switching between 2 channels
  • Power supply LR6(AA)1.5V / NiMH(AA)1.2V x4
  • Stop command response time ~ 50 ms
  • Command response time ~ 50 ms
  • Protection degree IP65
  • Operating and storage temperature (-25°C)~(+55°C) / (-40°C)~(+85°C)
  • Housing material PA6 (GF30%)


Roll-over Protection

When the device is overturned or there is an abnormal handle operation, the EMO will automatically lock and shut down in the overturned state, and the latter will invalidate the


My Drive, My Secretary

“My DRIVE” offers the user to activate a spare transmitter in just a minute. Users simply bring the original battery bay and insert it to the spare transmitter.

QI Wireless Charging Compatible

No more messy and incompatible cables, charging is just that easy.

MyMODE: Always in safe hands

JUUKO “MyMODE” allows you to set restricted controlling mode settings in your crane or machine system that promote safe and responsible controlling. You can limit top speed, Multi-control System, transmitting power and more.


A liitle big help: Data Feedback 

The ”Data Feedback” function enables the visualization of status through 12 LEDs. These 12 LEDs are programmable to see the actual STATUS of each relay in receiver.

Stronger than ever!

Ultra-high impact resistant comer bumper.


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